Thomas Janke was born on 16/04/1995 in Memmingen (Germany). As a child, at the age of 8, Thomas was so impressed by the art of juggling after a visit to the circus with his father, that he began to train at home with fruit and eggs. His parents shortly thereafter registered him at the local children's circus group under the direction of Marina Ruppel, where he was taught the basics of juggling classical props such as balls, rings and clubs. He worked with the group for 2 years.

Thomas was super fascinated when he met juggler legend Anthony Gatto in Stuttgart in 2006. Gatto presented the 11 year old a DVD with his best tricks and world records. This has sparked a tremendous passion in Thomas that has shaped his way to this day.

Already at the age of 11 Thomas Janke was considered an exceptional talent. In 2006 he was discovered in some competitions and festivals, among others at the renowned "European Youth Circus" in Wiesbaden by renowned show producers. As a result, his still young career began alongside to school, with numerous appearances on TV, for gala events, circus and variety shows.

Also at the age of 11 Thomas was allowed to start his first contract as a juggler in a Christmas circus in the Netherlands. Shortly thereafter, world-famous productions became aware of the young exceptional juggler, such as the Christmascircus Conelli in Zurich, the Circus Krone in Munich or the Fashion Week in Berlin. Today, Thomas was able to turn his hobby into a career, and is one of the best and fastest professional jugglers in the world. Even at a young age, Thomas Janke was able to convince the jury of international festivals. As a juggler Thomas Janke was represented in some of the most prestigious show productions worldwide.


In the Press

“Faster than juggler Thomas Janke are only a few worldwide”

Westfälische Nachrichten

“The new Anthony Gatto? - simply sensational.”

EYC Wiesbaden

“A young star with big ambitions”

Momente Bad Oeynhausen

“A boy from Memmingen is Germany’s exceptional talent”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

„He tore the spectators of the red seats: Juggler Thomas Janke”


“Thomas Janke is only 13 years old - but as a juggler already world famous.”